USA TODAYSearch continues for cargo ship missing in Hurricane

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hermes replica It said the threat of significant flooding in portions of South Carolina and southeast North Carolina would continue for two or three days.(Photo: Paul Zoeller Replica Hermes Birkin Bags, AP)The Federal Emergency Management Agencywarned of the possibility of flash flooding in mountain and urban areas in the Southeast and Mid Atlantic regions through Sunday.Elsewhere, coastal flooding remained a threat particularly in the Virginia Beach area and the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The weather service issued a warning for residents living along the coast to be alert for rising water. A combination of high water and high waves could result in beach erosion and damage to docks and piers.The rain levels had the potential to be “life threatening and historic,” the service said on its website.USA TODAYSearch continues for cargo ship missing in Hurricane JoaquinThe battering rain came along the Southeast coast even as forecasters said Hurricane Joaquin was no longer a threat to the region. hermes replica

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