Claire says: “She made a huge number of changes just in terms

When we are dating or working around someone we only see them in a small window of time and we only see the good side usually because everyone wants to show their good side when around others. So to compare this guy’s best side with your husband’s weak points, well then that’s not even a fair fight. It’s like comparing you on your worst day ever with a Super model.

pandora necklaces It is this aspect of her life which forms the basis for the new BBC film.Claire explains: “The part of the diary which I think will be featured most in the film, and I think what a lot of people are interested in, is the sixth of the diary which is in code, a code of her own devising.”Although bits of it do talk about things like the financial aspects of her life which she was quite embarrassed about as she didn’t have a lot of money a large proportion of it does talk about her lesbian relationships in quite intimate detail.”Anne Lister’s diaries really do contain the sort of information one might find in many modern diaries something which might come as a surprise when you think they were written for the most part before Queen Victoria was even on the throne.Claire says: “She talks about her tactics for wooing women. She talks about how she likes a particular woman, how she is interested and how she has spoken to them.”It’s almost like you can see relationships developing as they go along.””And, though she doesn’t refer to it in the sort of language we use today, it is clear to see a sexual element in her relationships.”In fact, says Claire, reading Anne’s diaries shows her to be quite a charmer, with a large number of women falling under her spell.Claire says: “She approached an awful lot of women, including married women pandora essence, and it doesn’t sound like she was rejected very often.”She could be very charming when she wanted to be.”But Anne’s journals don’t only deal in her conquests. In fact, the majority of her writing concerns her everyday life and the running of the Shibden Hall estate.Although at one point describing Shibden as ‘pokey’, Anne clearly loved the place and she carried out a lot of work there to make it not just a house but a home.Claire says: “She made a huge number of changes just in terms of the business of the estate. pandora necklaces

pandora charms 2154: Some stats for you ahead of the Williams v Higgins semi final clash thanks to my colleague Bryn Palmer. Higgins has lost both of his Crucible clashes with Williams, both in the semi finals. 1999 Higgins lost to Williams 17 10 in semi finals pandora charms.

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